Why Music For Kids? Let's Dive Into The Importance & Best Online Music Courses Available for kids!

In today's world, there are plenty of options offered than ever for aspiring musicians to bring out their skills. It is usual to learn technology, information and academics in the increasingly digital world, but the challenge arises when it is to ensure quality and value in an area as it is intuitive and close to the heart similar to music.


Are music classes necessary for kids? 

Yes, it definitely is. Even in the chapters of history, music is known as the prominent creation of mankind for years. True music can be defined as creativity in pure and undefiled form. Music is an important aspect of each and everyone's life as it is an exceptional way of expressing our feelings, thoughts and all sorts of emotions.

Some of you will find a way to escape from the pain of life through music. It grants you relief from pain and allows you to reduce stress. Nothing is more powerful than music. It is just a substitute for a therapist that will make you calm down and give you joy and cheer you up. 

Also, it builds up your mind and boosts your self-confidence. 


Importance of music classes for kids

Music classes are much more important than just a source of entertainment for us. Rather than only being fun and social, extracurricular activities are equally important in your kid’s life for helping to bring out your child's interests, talents and passions. One of them is particularly enhancing new activities like learning to play a musical instrument. There has always been a tie-up between music and academics, but there are other numerous benefits too.

Here are some good reasons you would know to inspire your kids to join online music classes:


  • Music leads to creativity 

As we have discussed earlier in the above paragraph, the purest form of expressing one's self is through music, so it makes sense to say that it is key to creativity. It helps you to work on a healthier mind by making it more inventive and imaginative. No matter what the great invention is, music is the key to make it more artistic, resourceful and enterprising. 


  • Expressing your emotions is easier with music 

Playing any instrument collects your thoughts, emotions and views together and reflects them in your music. This way the brain leases your emotions, thoughts with the medium of music without speaking a word. Trying to understand music makes our minds more creative and involved in it. Encourage your kids to join online music classes. 


  • Music nurture our brain 

Expert studies have shown a comprehensive connotation of musical language with our brain that can benefit a child's overall mental development. Proofs show that children are more successful on standardized tests and are likely to achieve better grades in high school with involvement in music.


  • Music is fun

Children are likely to enjoy playing instruments once they get to grasp the basics of playing them. They are likely to spend most of their time on it. Every tune and every song they learn is a personal achievement. It's our duty to encourage them and their skills by listening to them or even singing along with them, giving them a sense of accomplishment will help them have a great time playing their instrument. It has become so easy for kids to learn these instruments via online music classes. 


  • Music works as relieves and stress buster 

Full attention is required while playing an instrument or being in a musical class, which makes them focused on their work. This is also why music is a great stress-relieving tool and works as a stress buster to calm the mind and enhance concentration.


  • Music makes maths easier

You might wonder that maths and music are far far away, but there is always a connection. Professor Gordon Shaw from the University of California said that when kids learn rhythm and tunes they first learn ratios, fractions and proportions and this is how it is all linked up. These online singing classes are worth joining. It could be a much easier way of learning math if your kids are into playing musical instruments.


  • Music helps in self-expression

Music is well known as the factor that could help your child to manage their feelings better by expressing them through language and also provide relief from stress. It will give them the opportunity to bring out their emotion with the instrument they are playing.


  • Music plays a role in social skills 

Music or instruments are often played in a group of bands, therefore working along with the team is necessary. This teaches your child teamwork skills so that all players can work together harmoniously. Rehearsals and practicing are scheduled in order to improve the show. This is essential because the whole group is towards a single goal that helps to enhance social skills.


  • Music boosts self-confidence

By being able to perfectly play a specific instrument and achieving their goals make children feel very satisfied. This self-satisfaction can greatly improve their self-esteem. Achieving goals by taking risks and facing challenges is important for a child in order to fully build their potential.

Great research divulged that musical training can physically build the left side of the brain which is involved with processing language and reasoning.

Understanding the musical language or learning to play an instrument at any age can be challenging. However, it is not impossible with dedication and regular practice can make it much easier because that is the key to success.

Practice and hard work is the key to reaching their goals, this experience will give a very valuable life lesson.


Best online music courses for kids

Now, if you are a parent and looking for the best online musical classes to teach your little ones but are not sure which instrument to choose, you are at the right place. Let's go through the list of online music courses and make it easy for you to choose the perfect match.

1. Online Keyboard/ Piano classes

Any beginner can start their journey with piano. It can take a long time to get hold of it properly and to master it but it is extremely satisfying and fulfilling. This instrument can offer you enjoyment for a lifetime. A traditional acoustic piano can be quite expensive for a beginner or your kid, so you can opt for some fantastic keyboards and digital pianos available that offer the same sound and feel of a piano at a much lower and affordable price and smaller size. 

2. Online Guitar classes

The guitar can be a great choice of instrument for beginners that are good at remembering and have a strong memory. The guitar comes in a vast variety of sizes and styles for different players. Those of a younger age and especially a beginner can pick up classical guitars. This is not it there are other great choices depending upon the style of music your child is looking to play. The guitar is easy if one learns the basic technique of the guitar and those that go on to master can easily switch to other guitar-style instruments such as the ukulele and bass.

3. Online Violin Classes

As there are a few orchestral strings, the violin is also one of the first choices of beginners. There are a variety of sizes in Violin starting from full size 4/4 right down to 1/16 and is suitable for learners as young as 3 years of age. Fully mastering the instrument will take more time, hard work, practice and dedication while beginners can produce a good sound on the violin in a little time. The violin is also always a necessary instrument in orchestras and music ensembles. This will offer the player various choices of music groups for them to join.

4. Online Cello Classes 

The cello is equally easy and beneficial and another great instrument for beginners to join violin. It is also available in a variety of sizes from a full size 4/4 to 1/10 and is suitable for those as young as 4 years of age, Beginners will be able to understand and get their hands on the technique and produce a good sound in little time, and similar to violin it is always in high demand in orchestras and music groups.

5. Online Flute Classes 

For school-age learners, the flute can be a great instrument for beginners and is also one of the most popular played instruments. The flute is a handy and small instrument that can be carried easily anywhere, easy to learn and also one of the most affordable instruments in the orchestra. It is very popularly used in orchestras and bands giving ample opportunity to the player to play with others as they progress.

6. Online Clarinet Classes

In the woodwind family, the clarinet is a great instrument for beginners. Often starters find the clarinet quite easy to learn. The popularity of clarinet in orchestras and music ensembles makes it more demanding. A clarinetist can easily learn to play other instruments such as the saxophone.

7. Online Trumpet Classes 

The only brass instrument on our list is the trumpet with an appealing reason. The beginners can quickly pick up the techniques and it is easy to carry. Players can use the technique and lessons they learn on the trumpet with other instruments from the brass family.

For young beginners trumpet - a fully functional, entirely plastic, lightweight trumpet is recommended. It is available in lots of fun colors that your kids will love to have. 

8. Online Drums Classes 

Drums are also considered great instruments for beginners to learn and probably the most enjoyable and fun too.  The drums are large and very loud. Good coordination while playing drums can make it more fun and interesting. Drum for a young player should not be too large and make sure that they feel comfortable while playing,

Music classes can make learning new things way more easy and more fun. When your kids are in primary classes, they might have learned poems first as it is easy to learn and remember just like music. 

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