Striking the balance between Academic & Non-academic courses

About Us

CREST Champs is truly a world-class online learning experience which offers both academic & non-academic courses to take students' knowledge and skills to the next level through group classes, 1-1 classes and customized classes as per their requirement. We offer a wide range of online courses for children of grades 1-12 in various categories that are tailored to the varying learning requirements of the students.

Over 1000+ online courses (school curriculum, Olympiads, communication, extra curricular activities, and many more) are presented by course providers who are well experienced and are passionate about sharing what they know with students all over the world.

Thus, CREST Champs attempts to provide extending learning opportunities in a diverse range to every learner who is keen to explore more.

Why Join Us?

Maintaining a balance & interest in academics as well as extra-curricular activities are vital for the all-round development of the students. At CREST Champs through our courses we ensure that your child stays ahead in all spheres of life.

Our unique features that makes us exclusive are:

  • We have online courses that are tailored to the varying learning requirements of the students.
  • Only platform to provide 1-1 and group classes for academics & non-academics courses.
  • Performance evaluation and progress report sent to parents.
  • Courses are offered by mentors who are experts in their subject and have significant years of experience.
  • The courses are nominally charged so that every student can benefit from it.
  • Our key strength is that we focus on providing conceptual clarity on topics to students.