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English is the most commonly used language. Therefore, being able to communicate in the English language is very crucial. NCERT English books for class 7 have been separated into two volumes, one of which is a textbook and the other of which is a reference book.

The study materials covered in NCERT books not only enable children to do well in exams, but they work like magic in preparing for future competitions. It is one of the basic reasons why students opt for NCERT English books for class 7 to improve their language skills.

This article will guide you in downloading the complete NCERT English textbook for class 7. To understand more about Class 7 NCERT English Books, units, chapters, syllabus and reference books, go through the entire article. 

Chapters List for NCERT English books for class 7 - ‘Honeycomb’

Chapter 1 -  The Squirrel

Chapter 2 - A Gift of Chappals, The Rebel

Chapter 3 - Gopal and the Hilsa Fish, The Shed

Chapter 4 - The Ashes That Made Trees Bloom, Chivvy

Chapter 5 - Quality, Trees

Chapter 6 - Expert Detectives, Mystery of the Talking Fan

Chapter 7 - The Invention of Vita-Wonk Dad and the Cat and the Tree

Chapter 8 - Fire: Friend and Foe, Meadow Surprises

Chapter 9 - A Bicycle in Good Repair, Garden Snake

Chapter 10 - The Story of Cricket

Chapters List for NCERT English books for class 7 - ‘An Alien Hand’

Chapter 1 - The Tiny Teacher

Chapter 2 - Bringing Up Kari

Chapter 3 - The Desert

Chapter 4 - The Cop and the Anthem

Chapter 5 - Golu Grows a Nose

Chapter 6 - I Want Something in a Cage

Chapter 7 - Chandni

Chapter 8 - The Bear Story

Chapter 9 - A Tiger in the House

Chapter 10 - An Alien Hand

How to Download NCERT English Textbooks for Class 7?

To download the NCERT English books for class 7 follow the steps:

  1. Open the link:
  2. Select your Class (Class VII), Subject (English), and Book Title (Honeycomb or An Alien Hand) from the drop-down menu. 
  3. Click on the ‘Go’ button.
  4. A new page will open. Choose to download chapter-wise or full books.

Best Reference Books for CBSE Class 7 English 

  1. Oxford Friday Afternoon Comprehension & Composition for Class 7 by Pratibha Nath & Radha Kunjappa.
  2. New Saraswati Easy English Grammar book for Class 7 by Dr. Shalini Verma.
  3. JPH Guide of English for Class 7 (Honeysuckle) by Mediratta and  Chatterjee.
  4. Golden (New Age) Guide of English (with sample papers) for Class 7 by RK Gupta. 

Advantages of NCERT Class 7 CBSE English Books

  1. The NCERT class 7 English books are drawn in accordance with the latest and updated syllabus. The NCERT English books are based on the CBSE syllabus and the revised exam pattern.
  2. NCERT class 7 English has two books that include materials and chapters that will help students improve their command of English and make understanding of concepts easier. 
  3. CBSE Class 7 NCERT English books can be a great source to acquire knowledge and understanding of English. It will enable students to learn a lot more new stories and theories.


1. What are the chapters covered under CBSE class 7 NCERT English Book - Honeycomb?

There are 10 chapters that are covered in this book.

2. How to download the NCERT Class 7 English Books?

Students can follow the steps mentioned above to download chapter-wise & entire NCERT books.

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