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We have often noticed that students consider English as an easy subject. But, it is crucial to note that English is a mandatory and essential subject that students should not take lightly. Learning English enables students to fluently communicate with others.

NCERT book for English class 5 is the most effective and efficient study material for students studying in class 5. Studying from NCERT books helps students gain clarity over concepts and boost their confidence.

In this article, we have provided every detail to download & get crucial information regarding NCERT book for English class 5.

Chapters List for NCERT Class 5 CBSE English Book - ‘Marigold’

Chapter 1

i) Wonderful Waste!

ii) Ice-Cream Man

Chapter 2

i) Flying Together

ii) Teamwork

Chapter 3

i) Robinson Crusoe: Discovers a footprint

ii) My Shadow

Chapter 4

i) My Elder Brother

ii) Crying

Chapter 5

i) Rip Van Winkle

ii) The Lazy Frog

Chapter 6

i) The Talkative Barber

ii) Class Discussion

Chapter 7

i) Gulliver’s Travels

ii) Topsy-turvy Land

Chapter 8

i) The Little Bully

ii) Nobody’s Friend

Chapter 9

i) Sing a Song of people

ii) Around the World

Chapter 10

i) Malu Bhalu

ii) Who Will be Ningthou?

How to Download NCERT English Book for Class 5?

To download the NCERT English book for class 5 follow the steps:

  1. Open the link:
  2. Select your Class (Class V), Subject (English), and Book Title (Marigold) from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click on the ‘Go’ button.
  4. A new page will open. Choose to download chapter-wise or full books.

Best Reference Books for CBSE Class 5 English

Here we have listed a few popularly known reference books for class 5.

  1. Oxford Friday Afternoon Comprehension & Composition for Class 5 by Pratibha Nath & Radha Kunjappa.
  2. New Saraswati Easy English Grammar for Class 5 by Dr. Shalini Verma.
  3. Rachna Sagar Together with English Multiskill Coursebook for Class 5 by Rachna Sagar.

Advantages of NCERT Class 5 CBSE English Book

  1. The NCERT book for class 5 English helps students communicate globally and also enables them to grasp different concepts and read different books in higher up classes easily.
  2. The NCERT book for class 5 English is curated with the motive of reflecting contemporary trends through prose and poetry.
  3. This book works best for students to understand the important contributions made by various authors and poets.


1. Which is the prescribed NCERT Book for class 5 English?

Marigold is the prescribed NCERT book for the English Language in the 5th standard.

2. How can I download NCERT class 5 English book PDF from NCERT’s official website?

We have listed the steps to download class 5 English books from the official website in the section ‘How To Download NCERT Books for class 5 English?’

3. Is there any change in NCERT class 5 English textbooks for the 2021-22 session?

No, the syllabus for class 5 NCERT Books for Class 5 remains unchanged.

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